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1% for issues you can not delegate

If you’re not indifferent to building such relationships in a family that promotes good upbringing of the young generation, support our activities with 1% of your tax.

The main goal of the Humanites Foundation – the Art of Education, is to support families in the context of creating healthy, lasting bonds and educating children, considering a number of today’s world challenges such as flood of information, consumerism, omnipresent aggression and constant living in the rush.

The Foundation seeks, supports and implements adequate solutions in the context of the family by defining goals in the social area and in the field of:

  • collaboration with employers, where most parents spend their time every day,
  • the Education System, where our children spend most of their time on learning and interactions with their peers.
  • Media world which is an influential factor that determines our behavior patterns and frequently accompanies us and our children in spare time.

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Any person of good will can support the Foundation with 1% of her tax income for the implementation of projects that comply with our mission and selected goals.
We will be extremely grateful for your contribution.

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