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1% for issues you can not delegate – KRS 0000368820

If you’re not indifferent to building such relationships in a family that promotes good upbringing of the young generation, support our activities with 1% of your tax.

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Information for bank transfers:
PKO Bank Polski
nr konta: 93 1020 1042 0000 8002 0240 9068

Fundacja Humanites – Sztuka Wychowania
Nowogrodzka 56/7
00-695 Warszawa

NIP: 524-27-22-596
KRS 0000368820

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If you are wondering how to join our programs or you have your own idea and at the same time:

    •  like us, you believe we can change the world for the better
    •  you know how to build a true leadership in the areas of business and education
    • you have an idea how to help parents and their children find understanding in today’s world that is over,
    • filled with electronics, consumerism and the shortage of time,

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